Love & Sex & Rocknrollchair

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cinema premiere was on 16th. of november at the cinema Gegenlicht Oldenburg! Now he will locate in many are shown.Now he will showd on many other places. You' ll find the Cinema Shows on our facebookaccount:

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The documentary film „Love & Sex & Rocknrollchair“ tells about the life with impediments and the longing for love and sexuality.

Nicola, Stefan, Wiebke and Emanuel live with a physical impediment and in different life situations. While Stefan lives in the bourgeois stamped Schwetzingen alone in his freehold flat, Wiebke with her friends had built a house to the common life.
Emanuel laboriously came back to an independent live and can live in a small and little rental flat. Nicola depends since her birth on 24 hours of assistance and, therefore, lives in a house for people with disabilitys.

 Everybody four sees themselves after love and sexuality and that's why meets to an eroticworkshop for handicaped people.



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"..The movie was excellent, as that I have dared "

"I feel quite happy with your film. He has succeeded really very well.... The film creates that one feels neither voyeuristisch, nor is he controlled by compassion."



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