* born 26 March 1964
* 1970 to 1978 courses in accordion and theory of music
   at a college for music     
* since 1983 teaching pre-schoolage children
* 1985 to 1986 instruction in guitar playing
* 1983 to 1990 accordion player in an orchestra
* 1990 to 1993 vocalist at "Jazz Five"
* since 1990 teaching music to pre-schoolage children
* 1989 Montessori graduate
* since 1993 swing with pianist Robert Tholl
* instruction in jazz piano playing, singing lessons
  and lessons in musical theory
* 2003 to 2006 flute player at "Eilean"’s.
*since 2006 guitar player and vocalist at "Berolina Linke Wade"
* one year trip  across Europe, Africa, Australia und USA
* instruction in Low- and Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Bombarde, and Didgeridoo
* since 2003 self-taught work with film camera

* courses in amateur film-making

* producing documentary films "Ending Story"
  and "die Überleberin" [The Survivor],  
  and documentary films on my work in Montessori-Kindergardens
  as well as travelogues

* 2007  Presentation of „The Survivor“,
 a film about the life of my mother, Mrs. Dr. Hanna Behrend, a jewish woman from Vienna
* Presentation of documentary films about Montessori teaching.
* 2008  presentation of "Ending Story",
 a film about my undergoing cancer treatment


Susanna Wuestneck

* 2009 Präsentation of "Ending Story" at the congress of "DLH"

* 2009 Presentation of "The Survivor" at  documentary film festival
*since 2009 european folk with "MORANN",songs from everywhere in the world & compositions from ourselves
*2011 Documentation "folk music wise" about a group of musicians with remarkable feelings for sounds, tales and varying moods
*2012 Documentation "til the end" - a documentary about one of the oncological nurces & the doctors ,who are working in the Helios Hospital in Berlin-Buch

* film premiere "til the end" on the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" ( night of sciences) 2012 in Berlin.
*cooperation with protestant charitable organisations, cancer foundations, hospices and other organisations
* cinema shows in different movie theaters
 * 2014 camera training at the Film School Münster
* 2014 qualification of masterschool for directing & producing of long documentary films at the film school Münster (lecturer in training courses Horst Herz)
* 2014 premiere "ride sharing - distances & encounters"
* since 2014 everywhere, where one would not expect us" in work - a film about disability,
self empowerment, inclusion
* since 2014 short film project about the freedom of barriers " I spy with my little eye" in work - a film project from and with the "kids with handicaps" and young people from Billerbeck City - in cooperation with "Aktion Mensch"
*2015 documentary film "Ride Sharing Berlin- Münster"

* 2016 premiere of the documentary films "I spy with my little eye" and "Love & Sex & Rocknrollchair"
* since 2016 work in process the film "refugees welcome"- welcome in germany

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